Recent Updates

Aug 2021: Started working as a User Experience Research intern for the Google Ads Privacy and Safety team.

Jul 2021: Organized a workshop titled 'Monitoring Student Learning: Critically Examining the “Idealized” Case' at the 2021 Connected Learning Summit.

Jan 2021: Presented my paper titled 'Politics of Safety in India' at Georgia Tech's Career, Research, and Innovation Development Graduate Research Conference.

Dec 2020: Completed the first semester of my PhD!

Nov 2020: Gave an invited talk titled "Situating ‘data’ and ‘design’" to the design team at Sprinklr India.

Sep 2020: Presented a poster titled 'Elderly Care: From independence to interdependence' at Tapia 2020.

Aug 2020: Presented 'Concerns about the Promises of AI Tutors: A Mathia Case Study' at Society for Social Studies of Science 2020.

Aug 2020: Started Ph.D. in Digital Media at Georgia Tech under the advisement of Dr. Nassim Parvin.

May 2020: Graduated from the MS-HCI program at Georgia Tech. YAY!

Oct 2019: Presented 'Beyond Motivation and Memorization: Fostering Scientific Inquiry with Games as a poster at CHI PLAY’ 20.

Oct 2019: Attended Grace Hopper 2019 (funded by College of Computing, Georgia Tech).

Aug 2019: Started my 2nd year of MS-HCI at Georgia Tech.

Apr 2019: Presented a demo of “Psi and Delta.” in the In ACCelerate: ACC Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival 2019, National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.